COLUMBIA, MD – Vericom Technologies, Inc., a nationwide provider of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions to service organizations, announced today that Friend Tire Company, a nationwide tire dealer and delivery service, was able to recover thousands of dollars in stolen vehicles and merchandise thanks to the Vericom GPS-enabled devices installed on their fleet of delivery trucks.

Friend Tire uses Vericom's flagship solution, VeriVision, on their fleet of 85 delivery trucks, an MRM solution with detailed vehicle location capabilities.

In the past year, Friend Tire has been able to recover two stolen vehicles and their contents – in Texas, a 26,000 lb. box truck with $40,000 worth of merchandise and in Tennessee, a 3/4 ton pick-up truck with a full rack of merchandise. VeriVision makes it possible to monitor the location and progress of vehicles, allowing for immediate asset location.

"With savings of more than $100,000 in trucks and tires, the VeriVision solution has paid for itself many times over and helped us avoid costly insurance premium increases," said Rick Holle, Fleet Manager of Friend Tire. "Having lost a truckload or two of tires, we knew we needed an MRM solution to safeguard against theft. With a solid reputation and attractive start-up costs, Vericom was the best choice for Friend Tire. We've used Vericom for two years now with excellent results. In addition to theft recovery, we've been able to verify vehicle speed and distance and prove the innocence of a driver involved in a head-on collision. We hope these things don't happen, but if they do, it's great to have Vericom help prove our case," stated John Bjorn, CEO of Vericom.

"It illustrates the significant benefit to be gained by any delivery or distribution company that wants to efficiently and effectively manage their vehicles, mobile workforce and remote assets. In addition to theft recovery, our customers tell us that our MRM solution makes it possible to track vehicle routes, control fuel usage and mileage, and determine vehicle location. The results – increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and lowered insurance premiums – pave the way for profitable growth in the delivery industry."

Vericom's Mobile Resource Management (MRM) solutions enable organizations to more efficiently manage their vehicle fleets, mobile workforce and remote assets. Through real-time information delivery, companies have an important view into their business, and therefore have a greater impact on reducing operational costs and increasing mobile workforce productivity. Businesses that utilize the right MRM solutions not only see a return on investment, but they also see results that improve business and positively impact the bottom line.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials