BURLINGTON, NJ – Arsenault Associates, working with its customer Aqua America, Inc., developed a new option for the Dossier fleet maintenance software called Invoice Data Import. Invoice Data Import is a new optional feature that eliminates data entry of outside vendor invoices to save time and money while increasing data accuracy and improving control of fleet expenses for fleets that depend upon outside service vendors.

Aqua America of Bryn Mawr, Pa., is a water utility company with operations in 13 states from Maine to Texas. It runs 1,200 pieces of rolling equipment, including cars, and all kinds of trucks and tractor trailers that haul for its expanding wastewater division. Approximately 400 vehicles are maintained at company sites in Pennsylvania. The rest are maintained by vendors at remote locations throughout other states.

Aqua America found itself processing approximately 1,000 lines of vendor transactions every month, each subject to transcriber errors. That’s when Aqua America asked Arsenault to develop a solution to address the problem. Working with Aqua America and its equipment leasing company, Arsenault developed the solution: Invoice Data Import.

Service vendors send invoices and repair orders in electronic files that Invoice Data Import brings directly into Dossier. The feature helps track and evaluate work performed by outside fleet service providers as well as update fleet costs, repair order histories, PM services schedules, and meter readings — all at the same time.

Users have a history of each data import transaction and can produce repair order history and repair order summary reports on service work performed by any and all service vendors.

New users of the Invoice Data Import will find a software setup wizard to set up the program and receive files from vendors in a step-by-step process. Invoice Data Import can be configured to accept data from many different vendors based upon the information they send. Processing errors or exceptions are identified, set aside, and reported for investigation before a document is imported to protect a user’s fleet database from corruption.

Invoice Data Import is now available to all Dossier users as an option with the newly released Dossier 4.4 software.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials