MT. LAUREL, NJ – Automotive Resources International (ARI), a leading global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, has added a Lifecycle Cost Analysis tool to its existing Vehicle Comparison Tool in ARI insights, ARI’s web-based car and truck fleet management system.

The enhanced tool provides ARI clients with necessary information to compare vehicle costs and project operating costs of a vehicle. Results can be saved for future viewing, exported to Excel, and link directly into the vehicle configuration tool without exiting the system.

The new tool is available to ARI clients on all car and truck models currently available in ARI’s PriceNet system. It includes all domestic and import cars and trucks including some heavy-duty truck configurations. The system is based on independent sources of industry data, and includes cost components such as: acquisition price, fleet incentives, depreciation, interest, fuel, and maintenance.

Cost figures can be adjusted through parameters set by the user such as geographic location, driving habits, months, miles, fuel price, incentives, and residual and highway versus city driving percentages to accurately predict fuel costs. This customization provides an accurate prediction of vehicle costs.

Bill Kwelty, ARI vice president and CIO noted, “This enhanced tool gives ARI clients the ability to make informed decisions on replacement vehicles and to quickly identify additional areas for cost reduction.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials