EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – In conjunction with GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services’ Environmental Performance solution, CO2 emissions tracking metrics have been added to my.Dashboard, GE’s Web-based reporting and analytical tool, in addition to GE’s annual customer review process.

A key component to reducing CO2 emissions is the ability to measure and track CO2 emitted by fleet vehicles. For customers on GE’s fuel program, my.Dashboard tracks and trends the total fleet CO2 emitted and the average emission per vehicle over the last two years and rolling 13 months. With so many companies focusing on improving the environmental performance of fleet operations, these metrics will provide customers with clear visibility to their fleet-generated CO2 emissions. These metrics provide outstanding support to GE’s Environmental Performance solution.

Through my.Dashboard, customers can trend CO2 emissions by vehicle type, model, and organizational structure. An exception metric offers instant visibility to individual units that currently exceed CO2 emission guidelines, which default to EPA standards or can be customized based on individual company fleet standards. Environmental Performance metrics have been added to the annual review GE conducts with customers to help them understand their performance today and identify opportunities to improve tomorrow. Like my.Dashboard, CO2 emissions are displayed at the total fleet and average per unit levels, year over year.

Environmental Performance focuses on using technology and data analytics to achieve real results for GE customers, and is the first ecomagination-certified service offering within GE. It is available in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials