SAN FRANCISCO - ServerPlex Networks announced it would be transitioning its fleet to hybrid vehicles, according to the Web site,

At the moment, the company maintains a fleet of 23 Mini Coopers, each averaging approximately 25 miles per gallon during city driving. ServerPlex will replace those with Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles, hoping to average approximately 50 miles per gallon, thereby reducing its fuel usage by about half annually.

“San Francisco continues to lead the nation with its aggressive environmental protection and energy independence initiatives. As a company striving to best serve the residents of our community, we feel an obligation to do everything we can to protect our environment and support these utterly important ambitions,” Robert Marhamat, ServerPlex Networks business development manager, said in a company press release. “We view this not only a matter of corporate responsibility, but also a case of moral and ethical accountability.”

The move will cost the company about $250,000 over the course of a year.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials