FRANKLIN, TN -- NationLink Wireless and Fleet One announced today a joint agreement to offer an enhanced GPS tracking system to all Fleet One customers. Through Fleet One Vehicle Tracking, developed by NationLink’s AIC-GPS business group, Fleet One will offer customers the benefits of GPS tracking along with a customized feature to direct drivers to stops that accept the Fleet One fuel card for fueling, repairs and other services.

The benefits of NationLink’s AIC-GPS solution include improved vehicle routing, reduced fuel costs, decreased idle time and lower insurance premiums. Through Fleet One Vehicle Tracking, the two companies are taking those benefits a step further by offering fleet managers a customized program powered by both cellular and GPS technology.

“For a fleet manager to be able to go on the Internet and see not only where a vehicle is but also where it can purchase fuel or pull in for repairs is a huge value to a fleet,” Tom Wagner said. “From a business standpoint, this agreement opens significant avenues for Fleet One and NationLink to co-market with our common customers and go beyond the current customer base.”

“There is no other fuel card company in the country that is currently offering this degree of customized vehicle tracking to fleets,” NationLink Chief Acceleration Officer Andy Bailey said. “With Fleet One Vehicle Tracking, NationLink and Fleet One are at the forefront of providing customers with a solution that has the flexibility to provide unique data to both local fleets and the over-the-road market.”

Through Fleet One Vehicle Tracking, fleet managers will access information through a password-protected website, and provide drivers with information via cell phone or two-way radio. In addition to the location of fuel stops, fleet managers can view amenities offered by each merchant, such as showers or food services. The enhanced tracking will also benefit Fleet One merchants by driving more fleet traffic to their locations.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials