COLORADO SPRINGS, Col. --- Advanced Transportation Technologies (ATT) has entered into a sales and distribution agreement with Mobile Awareness, a company that designs and markets transportation safety products. ATT produces and sells the SaF-TE Slide, a locking pin management system designed to make trucking safer and more convenient. By joining forces with Mobile Awareness, ATT will now offer customers additional vehicle safety devices. "We are truly excited about the prospects of working with ATT. Their focus on motor vehicle safety and transport systems efficiency is something both organizations hold in common," said Gary Rothstein, president of Mobile Awareness. "Our goal is to help reduce the total cost of safety by understanding each customer's unique requirements." All types of transports, ranging from utility and emergency vehicles to commercial trucks, can benefit from the latest safety technology. "With the ongoing burden of health and vehicle insurance, coupled with the current increases in fuel and tire maintenance costs, our focus on safety is one way we can truly help our customers lower their operating expense," said Todd Wessels, director of operations of Advanced Transportation Technologies. "By providing safety products, such as tire pressure monitoring and backup camera systems from Mobile Awareness, ATT will have a greater ability to impact our customer's bottom line."

Originally posted on Fleet Financials