EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services’ recently added workflow functionality to its Idle Asset management tool located within GE’s online application, my.Drivers/my.Vehicles. In addition to identifying idle assets, the new workflow functionality makes it easier for customers to manage their idle assets, real time, from one application, eliminating the need for manual spreadsheets and reports.

The Idle Assets feature within my.Drivers/my.Vehicles provides customers with a workflow tool that can be modified based on a customer’s parameters and organizational structure. Customers can customize how their units are viewed, access unit details, reassign or terminate units, add attachments or comments for future reference, view instantaneous updates, and initiate automatic transition to appropriate people or queues for further action.

For decentralized fleets with level managers responsible for idle assets, the Idle Asset workflow tool enables them to request units from other level managers, approve or deny requests for units in their level(s), and cancel requests made that are no longer needed. An Idle Asset report has also been added to the inventory section of GE’s online reporting application, my.Reports, giving customers additional visibility to key idle asset data.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials