DETROIT—Ford Motor Co. will debut its new Taurus advertising campaign Monday, June 18.

The nationwide promotion, part of the automaker's big push to re-establish the once-valuable Taurus nameplate, will use online, television, radio and print ads to target young families and the millions of previous Taurus owners, said Cisco Codina, Ford's group vice president, North America marketing, sales and service.

The new Taurus, which is replacing the Ford Five Hundred during the middle of that car's first production cycle, will start rolling into dealerships this summer. The advertising campaign will launch in stages, first in print and on television, and then within 10 days to online and radio. The ads won't mention the rebirth of Taurus. Ford ended production of the legendary nameplate in October when it shut the Atlanta assembly plant. In February, under the leadership of new CEO Alan Mulally, the automaker announced it was resurrecting the name, as well as renaming the Ford Freestyle crossover the Taurus X and the Mercury Montego, the Five Hundred's sister car, the Mercury Sable.

The new Taurus is not merely a Five Hundred by another name. It will have a new front end and a new powertrain: a 263-horsepower 3.5L V-6 with a six-speed automatic transmission. Ford said it has made more than 500 changes to the Taurus for its official relaunch.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials