FOLSOM, Calif. --- Altergy Systems last week unveiled its automated, high-volume fuel cell assembly line. Altergy's fuel cell technology and the new automated production line enables mass production of fuel cell products. The new production line, installed at Altergy's facility in Folsom, Calif., can produce thousands of fuel cell plates per day. "Altergy's automated, high-volume assembly line is an important leap forward in the commercialization and worldwide deployment of fuel cells as a viable and clean power generation alternative," said Eric S. Mettler, president and CEO of Altergy Systems. "These California-built fuel cells are already providing distributed electrical power generation to customers around the world. Our new line greatly expands our capacity and our ability to meet our growing customer demand." Dr. Alan Lloyd, president of the International Council on Clean Transportation and former secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency, added: "Altergy's mass production capability is a wonderful step forward because cost becomes a key issue in terms of fuel cells. To be able to increase the volume to bring the cost down is a huge step forward."

Originally posted on Fleet Financials