HAYWARD, CA— San Francisco Bay Area-based Davis Instruments Corp., has released CarChip Fleet Pro, a product enabling fleet managers to easily monitor drivers, track trip details (including mileage), speed, quick accelerations, hard braking and fleet vehicle engine performance.

Fleet versions of CarChip combined with Davis's Fleet Management Software ranks drivers and vehicles by selecting driving criteria and is available in two models:

1. CarChip Fleet includes all the data logging capabilities of CarChipE/X. The Fleet Management Software includes additional reporting capabilities specially designed for fleet managers including:
- Tracking up to 23 different performance parameters that may help pre-empt expensive repairs.
- Easy to install, plugging directly into a vehicle’s diagnostic port under the dashboard and can be integrated with most major brands of GPS software.

2. CarChip Fleet with Alarm includes an audible alarm that can be set to warn drivers whenever they exceed speed, acceleration, or deceleration limits.

CarChip plugs instantly into the OBDII connector of any fleet vehicle, where it continuously collects and stores data from the car's computer control system. Davis’s Wireless Download system also allows for easy access to vehicle data.

Call 1-800-678-3669 or e-mail info@davisnet.com

Originally posted on Fleet Financials