SAN DIEGO --- Networkcar, which provides wireless vehicle management, announced it has joined with GE Motor Club to enhance its emergency roadside assistance services. By integrating Networkcar's GPS location tracking and telematics technology into call centers operated by GE Motor Club, service representatives can immediately locate vehicles and dispatch appropriate emergency services. Networkcar's Networkfleet is an automatic vehicle location system that provides emergency roadside assistance to all vehicle classes, including light, medium and heavy duty vehicles, at no additional cost. In partnership with GE Motor Club, the service includes stolen vehicle tracking and recovery, towing, locksmith service, battery boost, fuel delivery, and other critical roadside services needed to get vehicles back on the road. GE Motor Club contracts with thousands of authorized, independent towers and service providers throughout the United States and Canada to provide round-the-clock service delivery. "GE is always looking for innovative technologies to improve services provided to our clients and their customers," said Mamta Bhargava, senior vice president of GE Motor Club. "Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how technology can be used to make their lives less stressful, especially in an emergency." When drivers call for assistance, service representatives at GE-operated call centers use GPS technology in the Networkcar telematics control unit to immediately verify exact vehicle location, diagnose the problem, and locate the appropriate service provider or technician needed to service the customer. Once the service has been provided, to close the loop, the customer is contacted within 15 minutes after the service technician's estimated time of arrival to verify that the problem has been resolved and the job has been completed. "GE Motor Club and Networkcar continue to work closely together to go beyond customer expectations and deliver unparalleled services to fleet customers," said Casey Littleton, business development manager for Networkcar. "Instant location tracking, roadside assistance and stolen vehicle recovery add another layer of protection for drivers and their vehicles." Networkfleet is a wireless vehicle management system that continually monitors a vehicle's location and engine diagnostics. With Networkfleet, fleet managers simply log on to a secure web site to manage their fleet operations. Customers using Networkfleet receive instant email notification when a vehicle goes beyond pre-set limits, for example in speed or location, or has an engine problem so it can be repaired quickly.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials