MONTGOMERY, Ala. --- Alabama state legislators last week voted to exempt farm trucks from some federal safety transportation regulations. The exemption applies only to trucks used soley within state lines. The bill now goes to the governor for review. According to an Associated Press report, the bill would exempt mostly farm vehicles of 26,001 pounds or less. Alabama hasn't yet enforced the federal regulations, which require detailed record-keeping, restrict driving hours, and require that vehicles display Department of Transportation numbers. The exemption legislation was a compromise reached between the Alabama Farmers Federation and the Alabama Trial Lawyers Association. The bill specifies that the exemption doesn't cover many types of trucks not used in farming. For example, gravel trucks, garbage trucks, construction trucks and rental trucks are not covered by the exemption. Because of this exemption, Alabama stands to lose $4.4 million each year in federal funds for enforcing truck safety laws.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials