DENVER, COM – Global positioning company Trimble Inc. has started offering positioning services in the Denver metro area, making it the company’s first domestic market where its mobile, highly precise locating service is available, according to the Denver Business Journal.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company sells subscription, real-time mobile position tracking and differential global positioning services it calls Trimble VRS Now. Trimble chose Denver for the Trimble VRS Now rollout because the area’s high rate of growth. The division is part of Trimble’s 200-employee office in Westminster.

Trimble VRS Now service, previously available in England and Germany, is designed for use in applications including surveying, land-use planning, construction, agriculture, transportation, resource management, weather tracking, and scientific research, according to the Denver Business Journal.

It can use either cellular telephone or, where cell phone signals are unavailable, radio broadcast networks to transmit location information to users in the field.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials