ALEXANDRIA, VA – Legislation that would eliminate the liability of lessors for parking violations committed by customers was passed by the Connecticut House of Representatives May 22, according to the Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA). The Senate had previously passed the bill, SB 224, on May 9, and Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell (R) is expected to sign the legislation into law.

TRALA representatives spoke in favor of the bill as it was considered by the Joint Committee on Transportation in March. Once signed, the new law will take effect on Jul. 1, 2007. The legislation would allow the owner of a rented or leased vehicle to provide to a municipality the name, address, and license number of a customer operating a vehicle under a rental or lease agreement at the time of a parking violation. Under the provisions of the bill, the municipality would then issue a notice of violation to that customer, relieving the renting or leasing company of its obligation to pay the ticket.

Currently, if a vehicle operator does not pay a parking ticket in 30 days, a notice of violation is issued to the owner of a rented or leased vehicle. The owner then has 60 days to either pay the fine or seek compensation from the customer before fines and penalties begin accruing.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials