SOUTH PORTLAND, ME— Orpak Systems Ltd., a manufacturer and marketer of end-to-end systems for the fuel retail market and the fleet management sector and automated refueling and payment systems based on Vehicle Identification, has selected Wright Express to manage its unique, co branded fuel program.

"We're delighted that Orpak selected Wright Express to manage its fuel program," said David Maxsimic, senior vice president sales and marketing at Wright Express. "We welcome the opportunities created by Orpak's ability to authorize and control the dispensing of products to fleet vehicles from any locations that have the FuelOpass technology, and we're excited about the flexibility of the FuelOpass software products and services suite of products."

Orpak's purchase device (ring device) is accepted at FuelOpass locations that have the specific software installed that recognizes the 'purchase - ring device. This proprietary, closed network aligns comprehensive fuel management with customized reporting and control tools, providing in depth, fleet-specific data collection and reporting tools that allow fleet managers to more efficiently and economically manage their fleets, improve operational efficiencies, minimize fraud and reduce costs. Under the agreement, Wright Express will provide Orpak with collections, credit, merchant payment and settlement, and fleet online payment support.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials