FREMONT CA— The third-largest cable provider in the U.S. signs agreement to use @Road MRM solution designed to improve the productivity of approximately 6,000 operational vehicles. @Road, a Trimble Company and a provider of end-to-end solutions for mobile resource management (MRM), announced that Cox Communications Inc. has signed an enterprise corporate purchase agreement for @Road MRM solutions. Cox is currently piloting the @Road GeoManagerSM on-demand MRM solution with on-board (OBD-II) vehicle diagnostics feature in their Oklahoma, Kansas and Las Vegas systems. Cox plans a broader deployment that is expected to cover a total of 6,000 Cox field service and support vehicles, including those under the current pilot. @Road's flagship GeoManager MRM solution for field force management is designed to give businesses like Cox the ability to optimize the management of their mobile workers, their work and their assets in the field for achieving improvements in field technician productivity, superior quality service, safety and higher levels of customer satisfaction and retention.

Cox Communications is a multi-service broadband communications and entertainment company with more than 6 million total residential and commercial customers. The third-largest cable television company in the U.S., Cox is noted for its high-capacity, reliable broadband delivery network as well as its ability to provide award winning customer service.

"We are excited about working with @Road and implementing its GeoManager MRM solution into our operations,” said Mark Leuenberger, director of field operations technology for Cox Communications. "We believe that the @Road solution can play an important role in enabling us to improve our operational efficiencies and exceed our customers' expectations for superior service delivery.”

@Road GeoManager is an on-demand solution for MRM designed to help businesses streamline field service delivery operations while maximizing mobile workforce productivity and driving-up customer service. GeoManager can accomplish this by providing businesses with the location relevant, time-sensitive information they need to proactively respond to service delivery requirements in the field. This information can include on-demand or scheduled reports that are designed to detail events and conditions in the field, regardless of geographic location or size of the workforce.

@Road GeoManager is also designed to continuously stream field service data to back-office applications through application programming interfaces (APIs) or direct-data feeds. GeoManager is a scalable, enterprise-class, reliable, and secure MRM solution offered on a hosted and subscription-based software delivery model.

As part of the agreement, Cox intends to deploy @Road on-board vehicle diagnostics and reporting solution based on OBD-II industry standards. @Road Vehicle Diagnostics is designed to retrieve vehicle operating information from the vehicle's electronic on-board control module. Information generated from the OBD-II appliance is designed to be transmitted via the @Road iLM® in-vehicle wireless communication device to Cox managers in the form of daily or real-time online reports detailing such vehicle data as fuel usage and Power Take-Off (PTO), as well as engine fault codes related to oil pressure, coolant temperature, excessive engine speed and more. This information can be used to remotely monitor important engine parameters for proactive preventative maintenance, which can help reduce vehicle down time, fuel and other operating costs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials