NORCROSS, GA – Nobilas Claims & Fleet Solutions, an Akzo Nobel company, has partnered with the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Nobilas will participate in the Future Value project, part of the University’s Institute of Insurance Economics, to explore future trends in insurance and their implications for the industry.

The goal of the project is to enhance Nobilas’ leading-edge accident management approach, which includes outsourcing solutions for the entire vehicle repair process to further reduce the costs of a motor claim and at the same time improve the service delivery for the policy holders.

Bruno Kaeslin, project manager, Institute of Insurance Economics, said, “Our research has shown that active accident management programs have great benefits for motor insurance companies. The management of the whole value chain in accident management from towing a damaged vehicle to providing a rental car and providing oversight during the entire repair process not only has cost benefits but also relieves the insurance clients significantly, enables a better client-firm-relationship and results in a better customer loyalty rate.”

Dr. Peter Maas, director, Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen, said, “The Future Value project focuses on the German-speaking insurance sector, providing an interactive platform for discussions and knowledge exchange. Since Nobilas is offering a concept that focuses on delivering transparency to the insurance sector, this benefits all the relevant parties involved.”

Nobilas manages the complete repair process for damaged vehicles owned by corporations, rental car agencies, motor insurers, and leasing companies. Nobilas accident management solutions take advantage of its integrated ICT platform and its pan-European and North American network of body shops. The company manages a network of body shops, and also monitors the speed and quality of the repair.

The Institute of Insurance Economics is an international research center at the University of St. Gallen, among Europe’s top business schools. The Institute provides important input for teaching at the University, and plays a significant role in research and in furthering the careers of young academics. It focuses on strategic issues in the financial services and insurance industry, as well as risk management.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials