BETHESDA, MD – Iridium Satellite LLC is providing worldwide satellite data links for a new asset tracking, monitoring, and remote management system, the Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) MLT-300i. FMS is an Iridium value-added reseller and manufacturer of GPS/all-satellite mobile resource management systems in use in more than 50 countries.

FMS completed worldwide validation of the Iridium-based MLT-300i system earlier this year. Included in the North Slope, Alaska portion of the validation was PGS Onshore (PGS), a major provider and recognized market leader of geophysical services to the international oil and gas industry. Moving forward, PGS expects to continue with full-scale deployment in all regions where time-sensitive and mission-critical field data is needed in near real-time.

The FMS MLT-300i provides near real-time tracking and management for fleets of all types and sizes. The system includes Quake Global’s 9612 transceiver using Iridium’s short-burst data service, along with FMS proprietary firmware and software. FMS firmware and software includes a GPS receiver, a plug and play universal OBD2/CAN BUS interface, multiple analog and digital inputs/outputs, and a dedicated serial port to accommodate in-cab two-way text and e-mail messaging. All data is transmitted through the Iridium satellite network to FMS Network Operation Centers (NOCs) and is communicated to users worldwide via a secure Internet browser interface. The MLT-300i also provides extensive asset monitoring and management functions.

All engine and asset trouble codes, fuel consumption, miles per gallon, hard breaking, power take-offs, engine rotations per minute (RPMs), oil pressure, and engine and coolant temperatures are standard on the OBD2/CAN BUS version of the FMS MLT-300i. Automatic alerts are immediately sent via the Iridium network when a trouble code or user-defined event occurs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials