DETROIT --- Biodiesel Industries, NextEnergy and DaimlerChrysler last week celebrated the ground-breaking for Biodiesel Industries' newest facility in Detroit. The new plant will emphasize biodiesel research, development and production. "This pioneering project brings together a diverse group of major industry players, such as NextEnergy and DaimlerChrysler, for the common goal of biodiesel advancement and implementation. We're delighted to be part of the core group involved in this innovative venture," said Russell Teall, president and founder of Biodiesel Industries. "Our new facility will have the capacity to produce 10 million gallons per year of biodiesel using a full spectrum of feedstocks, including crude, refined and recycled vegetable oils and animal fats." The facility will be the sixth such production project completed by Biodiesel Industries. The company uses its own patented production technology to produce biodiesel from a variety of feedstocks. "Given the tremendous national market demand for their product, we are delighted that Biodiesel Industries has chosen Detroit for their next biodiesel production facility," said James Croce, CEO of the NextEnergy Center. Research and development will also extend into the development of agricultural resources using brownfield sites managed by DaimlerChrysler. The use of new biodiesel feedstocks will be part of this research.

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