SPARKS, MD – PHH Collision Prevention, a comprehensive fleet safety program designed to create a crash-free culture and dramatically reduce fleet risk, has been named a finalist in the “Best New Product or Service” category by The American Business Awards, also known as the “Stevie” Awards. PHH Collision Prevention is a service offered by PHH Arval.

PHH Arval, partnering with Interactive Driving Systems, introduced PHH Collision Prevention to the fleet industry in 2006. Through an integrated, holistic approach, the program applies technology, consultation, measurement, and a unique patented methodology to increase driver safety. The program has been shown to reduce major collision costs by up to 40 percent and cut accident rates by 5-40 percent.

PHH Collision Prevention is part of PHH Arval’s 360º fleet risk and safety offering, which also includes telematics, predictive modeling technology, motor vehicle record checks and driver profiles, vehicle accident and maintenance services, insurance card management, and more. These elements can be purchased separately or combined.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials