EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – GE Capital Solutions Fleet Services’ has added several enhancements to its Personal Mileage/Taxable Benefits program’s mileage reporting tools. These enhancements are designed to make it easier for drivers to report their miles and for customers to track and obtain reports.

Improvements to GE’s mileage reporting experience for drivers includes a new Web site that streamlines the online reporting process with a single view for all mileage entries: current taxable benefit amount and percent personal use displayed on mileage entry page, and odometer history to assist in reporting. An upgraded phone reporting system with voice recognition and edit capabilities simplifies the entry process.

GE’s integrated, Web-based reporting applications, my.Dashboard and my.Reports now offer customers instant visibility to personal mileage/taxable benefits data. Customers can customize the analytics and reporting, as well as download to Excel for easy manipulation. A key performance indicator in my.Dashboard gives customers the opportunity to track and trend business and personal use of company vehicles. Both month-over-month and tax year-over-tax year views are available.

Customers can also track business versus personal use by their company’s hierarchy and vehicle classification. One-click exception reports display fleet-specific compliance concerns for example personal miles/kilometers that exceed limits, drivers assigned to multiple vehicles at one time and drivers who have not reported personal miles/kilometers.

my.Reports includes three reports: driver/unit assignments, miles/kilometers driven, and unreported months. These reports offer visibility to compliance-related components of the Personal Mileage/Taxable Benefits program. The flexibility of my.Reports allows fleet managers to create and customize personal mileage/taxable benefits reports, saving them for future use.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials