WASHINGTON, D.C. --- President George W. Bush today responded to a recent Supreme Court ruling by ordering federal agencies to begin looking for ways to regulate vehicle emissions before he leaves office. In a brief announcement made in the Rose Garden, Bush said the new rules would "cut gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles." The Supreme Court last month, in a 5-4 decision, criticized the Bush administration's inaction on global warming. The court concluded that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases fall under the Clean Air Act's definition of air pollutants. The court rejected the Bush administration's list of reasons for declining to take action and also concluded that the EPA must regulate carbon dioxide. According to the Associated Press, the new Bush executive order directs several agencies to craft regulations by 2008, but also stipulates that they take into account views of the general public, any impact new rules might have on safety, the cost of complying with the rules, scientific knowledge and available technology. "This is a complex legal and technical matter and it's going to take time to fully resolve," Bush said. The agencies affected include the departments of Transportation, Agriculture and Energy, along with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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