AUSTIN, Texas --- CoVi Technologies has developed a high-definition vehicle surveillance system for security and law enforcement professionals. The system combines high-definition (HD) video cameras with license plate recognition and vehicle forensics software. This provides a new tool to monitor and identify vehicles involved in suspicious or criminal activity, and improve vehicle security in a variety of environments, CoVi Technologies said. "Vehicle theft is not only a crime affecting individuals and businesses, it has worldwide consequences," said Barry Walker, CoVi's president and CEO. "An extreme example of the global ripple effects of this problem is a citing in a recent FBI counter-terrorism report that vehicles used in deadly Iraq car bombings were likely stolen from the United States. Increasing vehicle surveillance challenges are requiring an entirely new level of technology flexibility, power and sophistication. And as the stakes get higher, the technology is evolving to meet the need." CoVi's vehicle surveillance solution includes a high-quality HD video technology, delivering twice the field of view and significantly sharper image quality than conventional analog surveillance cameras. HD technology enables more flexibility in camera placement and delivers superior video resolution to enhance license plate recognition capabilities. In addition, new CoVi software can automatically identify license plate numbers on moving or stationary vehicles from various angles in the daytime or at night. The CoVi vehicle surveillance solution incorporates a database search-and-alert system, enabling security and law enforcement professionals to search for matching license plate records based on full or partial matches. The system also automatically generates alarms and e-mail alerts from user-defined license plate "watch lists," such as a stolen vehicle database, or active Amber Alert. In addition, the system includes vehicle forensics capabilities to monitor vehicle activity in parking garages, valet parking areas and fleet vehicle facilities to reduce damage claims and fraud from accidents, provide access verification, and enhance security. CoVi's vehicle surveillance solution is designed for CoVi's Crystal HD video surveillance system, a high-definition, distributed IP-based video surveillance system.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials