HOUSTON – A highlight for the "green” technology focus at the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA) conference May 5-8, was Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), which hosted a Ride-n-Drive at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. A DaimlerChrysler company, GEM’s battery-electric vehicles are designed to provide cleaner, more environmentally-friendly fleets. But, the point GEM drove home was cost efficiency. Ten years of GEM vehicles in use has tallied up more than 150 million miles driven by more than 33,000 vehicles on the roads. The zero-emission vehicles spared more than100 tons of pollutants from reaching the air, and more than 7.5 million gallons of gasoline were saved. "The gasoline savings alone has had a $15 million impact on pocketbooks,” says GEM COO and President Rick Kasper. "GEM vehicles cost just pennies a day to operate,” Kasper continues. "Their cost of ownership is one-third of their gasoline-powered counterparts, while their fuel-efficiency is eight times greater. This is an important factor for organizations committed to the bottom line.” GEM vehicles are used in settings such as city centers; planned communities; military bases; local, state, and national parks; industrial developments; airports; and college and university campuses. Because a nationwide service program, GEM Care, is available with GEM vehicles, location opportunities are virtually unlimited. "GEM vehicles are a perfect fit for fleet operators, especially those looking to maximize function at a good price. Our electric vehicles are designed for passenger travel, utility, even shuttling, and each GEM model is unmatched in their safety and usefulness as fleet vehicles,” says Kasper.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials