MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Google has begun free commuter shuttles to and from its Silicon Valley headquarters in an effort to spare its employees a long and congestion-filled commute, according to Clean Motion. Equipped with leather seats and wireless Internet access, the company’s 32 shuttle buses not only carry nearly 1,200 employees daily — approximately one-quarter of its local workforce — but does so running on biodiesel. The shuttles, each with a capacity for 37 passengers, make 132 trips each day to 40 different pickup and drop-off locations in more than a dozen cities in six counties, logging approximately 4,400 miles across the San Francisco Bay area. Google’s operation covers more than 230 miles of freeways, which is twice the reach of the region’s BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) commuter train system. Google has employed a team of transportation specialists to monitor the region’s traffic patterns and map employee residences in order to determine shuttle routes, which change frequently to remain efficient and keep up with rising demand. Yahoo is another company providing employees transportation on a daily basis. About 350 Yahoo employees use the company’s biodiesel-powered buses. And eBay has recently begun a pilot service, according to Clean Motion. In 2006, Intel Corp. was ranked as the top workplace for commuters, followed by Microsoft and Google.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials