OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Netistix Technologies Corp. has announced the availability of end-to-end telematics connectivity options for fleet customers. The networking enhancements allow the choice or combination of Wi-Fi, cellular, and/or satellite networking methods to suit the differing requirements of each fleet customer application. These options are also key enablers for the commercial availability of FleetPulse Active GPS applications. Cellular networking implementations can be dedicated, or share existing in-vehicle communication capabilities, by creating a tandem connection via a serial cable or Bluetooth technology. The portfolio of communication options can be tailored independently of specific service providers to deliver localized or wide area coverage, high-speed or standard network performance, and balanced to the appropriate fleet customer cost sensitivity. The Netistix FleetPulse solution supports integrated and/or attached and already certified communication devices to connect through many carrier networks as suited to the fleet customer and their application requirements. Fleets may mix and match networking choices and define preferred communication route priorities as required from the following options:

  • Wi-Fi-based network solutions that have no monthly costs, ideal for fleet segments that regularly return to a depot and do not require real-time GPS or dispatch functions.
  • Dedicated cellular communications delivered by almost any cellular carrier of choice with selection based on relationship preferences, service coverage, performance, or price, well suited for applications that require regular connectivity within served cellular coverage areas.
  • Shared cellular where existing in-vehicle devices (laptops, PDAs, or cell phones) enable tandem connections without incurring additional charges for a dedicated service connection.
  • Satellite for fleet applications that demand constant connectivity outside cellular coverage zones.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials