BERKELEY, CA – Clif Bar has rolled out a fleet of eight new biodiesel-powered trucks for its field marketing team, according to the Web site By converting its field marketing vehicles to biodiesel and eliminating the need for 8,000 gallons of gasoline each year, Clif Bar expects to reduce the fleet’s CO2 emissions by about 40 percent, or 60,000 lbs. of CO2. The eight new Dodge Ram 2500 Turbo Diesel trucks will be driven by Clif Bar field marketing managers in Boston, Chicago, Colorado, Los Angeles, Northern California, the Northwest, San Diego, Arizona, and Texas. They will travel more than 120,000 miles a year. In October 2006, the company switched to B-100 biodiesel fuel to run the trucks that transport its products between its bakery and distribution center. In addition, Clif Bar now uses biodiesel to fuel the truck that transports its company-sponsored LUNA Chix professional women’s mountain bike team across the United States. The company’s mobile marketing tours also operate on biodiesel and, in some instances, pure vegetable oil. This past winter, the Clif Bar Save Our Snow (SOS) Winter Roadtrip traveled throughout the Western United States and Canada in an RV fueled with 100-percent waste vegetable oil. The SOS tour shared information about the negative impact global warming is having on winter sports and recreation, according to the Web site In December 2006, Clif Bar launched Cool Commute, an incentive program to pay cash to employees who purchase clean-burning biodiesel cars. It also helps them buy high-mileage hybrids and offers a variety of rewards to those who leave their cars at home altogether. Since the program began, three employees have purchased cars that run on biodiesel and seven others have begun to drive hybrids.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials