ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS - Business drivers are more aware of the important role they play in reducing environmental pollution and are willing to act on it, as shown by a worldwide LeasePlan survey amongst business drivers. To facilitate this, LeasePlan introduces the new global initiative GreenPlan to support businesses to realize 'greener' fleets. According to LeasePlan, 91 percent of respondents agreed with the question whether they personally have a role to play in reducing environmental pollution -- a 7-percent increase compared to the 2002 survey. Business drivers consider driving alternative-fuel vehicles if the opportunity presents itself and costs are similar. "We should be honest about our position; we deal with an underlying asset that is a heavy contributor to overall pollution. We do not believe there is a viable alternative to its usage, but we do want to contribute to decrease the effects that transportation is having on the environment," said Vahid Daemi, LeasePlan's CEO. In line with the Kyoto Protocol and the European Union, LeasePlan will use the average CO2 emission level of 130 gr/km as a reference for its own fleet, and will offset the possible difference. "With the new service named GreenPlan we will help clients assess their fleet's emissions and reduce those emissions through time. We can facilitate offsetting part or all of the CO2 emissions. Also business drivers are very important in this process. Conscious driving can significantly decrease the CO2 emissions," said Daemi. GreenPlan is developed as a global initiative, verified by TuV Rheinland Group, and supported by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE).

Originally posted on Fleet Financials