GREENSBORO, N.C. – The recently introduced Fleet Lettering Internet Program (FLIP) enables fleet owners to order new or replacement graphics for their vehicles over the Internet from anywhere in the world, according to the company. “We’re inviting everyone to learn how to FLIP their fleets, to save time and get their vehicles on the road sooner, with less downtime,” said Kenneth Bishop, creative director. FLIP works this way: customers post their artwork to the secure FLIP Web site. The graphics are downloaded and a supply, perhaps enough for a year, is printed and stored. When the fleet owner must replace a graphic, such as when a vehicle is damaged, repaired, and then repainted, or when a new vehicle is purchased, the customer can log in and order it, 24/7. The graphic is packaged and sent out immediately to the customer’s location. The graphic can then be applied in either the fleet owner’s own facility or in a nearby commercial body shop. Bishop says FLIP satisfies two needs. The first is that it provides a fast, convenient and safe way to manage inventory of graphics. The second is that it enables its customers to quickly get vehicles back on the road and back to work. “A business’s work van or a car does more than carry equipment or people,” said Bishop. “It carries the message, the brand, of your business. It is a visual reminder of who you are and what you do. The graphic might even have a Web site or a phone number on it, to show people how to get in touch with you.” Bishop said that waiting for graphics to arrive usually means one of two things: “The vehicle is parked until the graphics get there, or it’s used without them. Parking the vehicle means lost time and productivity. Using your vehicle without graphics means that you are keeping what you do to yourself – and perhaps handing the competitive edge to your competitors.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials