WAYNE, N.J. – At Hankook Tire’s annual meeting for their dealers in Akron, Ohio, a Tire Thumping Contest was held in the Hankook Tire Technical Center. Five new Hankook truck tires were lined up, each one with a different amount of air pressure. Only one of the tires had the correct amount of air. The results proved that thumping a tire to determine how much air it holds is not such a good idea. Only one out of more than 50 participants was able to guess the tire with the correct amount of air. Most participants got none correct. Harvey Brodsky, managing director of the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB), was a featured speaker at the Hankook meeting. “Trying to determine how much air is in a tire by thumping is the same as trying to determine if a truck’s engine needs oil by thumping the hood,” he said. “The only way to properly check the air pressure in a tire is with a properly calibrated tire gauge.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials