DEARBORN, MI – In recognition of Earth Day on Apr. 22, Ford created a Top 10 list focusing on some of its latest green initiatives. Ford’s global sustainability strategy includes a focus on the development of environmentally friendly vehicle technologies, including hybrids, diesels, biodiesels, advanced engines and transmissions, E-85 ethanol, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen internal combustion engines, and fuel cells. In addition, Ford is introducing sustainable efforts throughout the company in manufacturing, materials, and facilities management. Ford’s commitment to green vehicle technologies include: 1. Use of Sustainable Fabric: The 2008 Ford Escape uses 100-percent recycled fabric seating surfaces. 2. Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury offer 15 models available with fuel-saving six-speed transmissions. 3. Ford’s 2008 Super Duty clean diesel heavy-duty pickup meets worldwide emissions standards. 4. In an effort to conserve natural resources, improve habitat, and lower costs, Ford has installed nearly 200 acres of sustainable landscaping around its corporate properties in Dearborn and Allen Park, Mich. 5. Ford’s actions to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities have earned it the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star 2007 Partner of the Year Award in Energy Management. 6. The Ford Escape and Focus are more than 80-percent recyclable. 7. Ford’s Fumes-to-Fuel system burns paint fumes in a process that produces electricity at the Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, Mich., home of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. 8. The Lima (Ohio) Engine Plant, home of production for Ford’s Duratec 35 engine, uses cold water from two abandoned limestone quarries on the property to cool a portion of the plant and its equipment. 9. The 2008 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor will be offered with flexible-fuel capability, allowing it to operate on E-85 ethanol or gasoline. 10. Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant has the World’s Largest Living Roof, according to Guinness World Records. The 10.4-acre living roof is part of Ford’s Rouge Center redevelopment, which includes a number of progressive environmental initiatives.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials