RICHFIELD, OHIO – OEConnection LLC has launched its newest Internet-based application, RepairLink, offering original equipment (OE) replacement mechanical parts buyers – fleets and repair shops – parts ordering and fulfillment speed, accuracy, and customer service relationship strengthening with dealership suppliers. "The automotive OE replacement parts industry faces increasingly tougher competition with aftermarket parts. RepairLink can truly help auto manufacturers and dealerships grow their fleet and repair installer parts businesses as well as provide enhanced customer service to their customers," said Charles Rotuno, OEConnection president and CEO. OEConnection developed RepairLink so dealerships could receive online orders from both fleets and repair shops. General Motors has selected RepairLink to support its strategic initiative for GM and its dealers to better compete for fleet business and grow fleet parts sales. GM collaborated with OEConnection during development, and is deploying the RepairLink solution through all of its regions focusing on wholesale parts dealers who service key fleet accounts. Once a fleet or repair installer has established a RepairLink buy-sell relationship with its auto dealership, parts orders can be processed in under a minute. According to OEConnection LLC, RepairLink provides:

  • Faster order processing for improved order cycle time and vehicle up-time.
  • Ordering for repair and stock parts.
  • Automatically and instantly verified part numbers against VINs for improved order accuracy and reduced part returns.
  • One-screen, paperless audit tracking of orders.
  • Internet-based availability for 24/7 off-hours parts ordering.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials