NUTLEY, N.J. – The number of hybrid vehicles in Roche’s pharmaceutical sales fleet has expanded to a total of 242 vehicles as of the end of 2006, according to the Web site Having this number of hybrids in the Roche fleet will result in greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 1,033.5 tons and gasoline savings of more than 80,253 gallons each year. Approximately 15 percent of Roche’s sales representatives drive company-owned hybrid vehicles — a number that is expected to grow with each semi-annual buying cycle. Roche began its hybrid-car program in July 2004 by replacing 20 conventional gasoline-powered vehicles with Toyota Prius and Ford Escape gas- electric hybrids. The improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions of these vehicles, along with positive performance reviews from the users, prompted the company to expand the program. The Roche Companies in the United States have joined forces with the EPA Climate Leaders Program, a voluntary industry-government partnership that encourages companies to develop long-term comprehensive climate change strategies and set greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials