FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. --- AutoNation announced that on April 10 the company will launch its E-Vehicle program to promote greater consumer awareness of fuel-efficient vehicles. The program will highlight vehicles that get at least 28 miles per gallon or deliver 10 percent better fuel efficiency than the average for their vehicle class. AutoNation has partnered with to identify qualifying vehicles and ensure that the fullest range of vehicles is represented. "We want to increase consumer awareness of the number of fuel efficient vehicles we offer," said Mike Jackson, chairman and CEO of AutoNation. "Our E-Vehicle program lets them know in as direct a way as possible which vehicles satisfy specific efficiency standards. We hope that this increased exposure will help consumers become more aware of vehicles that contribute to making us less dependent on foreign oil, which is an issue of national security." Under the program, every car and truck for sale at an AutoNation dealership or listed on that meets the E-Vehicle standards will be marked with a green, leaf-shaped E-Vehicle logo, and there will be an accompanying checklist displaying the particular efficiency criteria that it satisfies. "In today's time-pressed world, car-shoppers will appreciate that AutoNation is making it easy to see which vehicles achieve the best fuel economy," said President Jeremy Anwyl. "This program is likely to generate a great deal of interest, especially as gas prices continue their seasonal climb." In addition to these green-labeled E-Vehicles, AutoNation will also identify what it calls "F-Vehicles" with a yellow leaf logo. These are cars and trucks that make use of flex fuel or ethanol-based technology.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials