OTTAWA, ONTARIO – Automotive Resources International (ARI) and Netistix Technologies have partnered to provide fleet customers with comprehensive wireless fleet management services, based on automated collection of vehicle data intelligence through Netistix FleetPulse, integrated with the business support capabilities of ARI insights. The Netistix FleetPulse telematics system with ARI insight, a Web-based car and truck fleet management system, delivers customer solutions targeting different applications based on the automatic capture of a comprehensive set of key operational fleet data. The integrated solution provides customers with:

  • Improved fleet life cycle decision support based on the capture of accurate odometer and engine hours.
  • Cost benefits through improved management of maintenance and repair issues through ARI’s Virtual Garage augmented by the awareness of actual diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) reported in the vehicle.
  • Fuel tax credit claims issuance based PTO usage and fuel consumption tracking.
  • Optimized fleet sizing, vehicle utilization, and vehicle productivity through the management of usage trends and detail analysis reporting.
  • Program management tools targeting idling and safety policies through driver performance reporting.
  • Route optimization and location awareness through the awareness of location based data.
  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials