DUBLIN, Ohio – The Ohio House of Representatives Finance and Appropriations Committee has adopted an amendment to HB 67 that would allow vehicle renters and lessors to provide “limited information” to municipalities attempting to issue traffic citations when a vehicle was not under control of the renter or lessor, according to Dick Lightner, executive vice president for the Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association (OVLA). OVLA will be reviewing the language after House action and before it starts to move through the Ohio Senate. Similar language was a part of a bill regulating traffic cameras that was vetoed by former Gov. Bob Taft. That language was supported by The OVLA and is similar to that pertaining to parking tickets the association got adopted as law in the early 1980s. The point was one of 24 covered in a massive amendment to the bill — the budget for the Ohio Department of Transportation and Ohio Public Safety Department. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles, as well as the Highway Patrol, EMS, and homeland security are a part of the Public Safety Department.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials