CARSON CITY, Nev. --- Nevada motorists can now access vital road and travel updates through wireless Internet access at the Primm, West Wendover and Mesquite state welcome centers and Wadsworth rest stop. The Internet service, provided free of charge by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), is available 24 hours. Users simply log on from their wireless-capable device, such as a PDA or laptop computer, while parked within 1,000 feet of the centers. After establishing a free sign-on, users are taken to a homepage that links to NDOT's Web site and other important travel sites. Use is free for the first 30 minutes, and extendable 30-minute sessions can be purchased. The system includes access filters to block prohibited sites and prevent misuse. The locations on Nevada's major Interstate 80 and Interstate 15 thoroughfares provide travel information to visitors and trucks entering the state's major Interstate access points. Interstates next to the rest areas see up to 50 percent truck traffic. "For travelers, it's an opportunity to travel smarter and safer," NDOT Assistant Chief Operations Engineer Denise Inda said of the project she coordinated. "For truckers, it's an opportunity for quick road and weather conditions." The $52,000 system installation costs and $6,000 annual maintenance fee will be offset by the Nevada logo sign program at no taxpayer cost. Contracted through leading wireless broadband Internet provider Scientel Wireless, system repairs are required within 72 hours. New DSL Internet connections were installed to provide the high-speed Internet service.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials