DOVER, Del. --- Delaware law enforcement officers issued 443 citations to drivers for aggressive driving and another 216 to unlicensed, unbelted and uninsured motorists in the fourth week of the state's "Stop Aggressive Driving" campaign for this year. That brings the total number of aggressive driving offenses to more than 1,532 since the Feb. 2 campaign kickoff. The goal of the program, now in its third year, is to reduce the occurrence of aggressive driving crashes. Acts of aggressive driving are listed as contributing factors in more than half of Delaware’s fatal crashes this year. The following is a breakdown of the number of violations found during week 5 of aggressive driving enforcement: 13 aggressive driving, 273 speeding, 75 running stop signs and stop lights, 52 unsafe lane changes, 18 passing on the shoulder and 12 following too closely. Officers also issued 55 citations to unbelted motorists and 161 citations for additional traffic violations. Results of an independent poll issued recently by Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind showed that a majority of Delawareans support stricter enforcement of speed limits. Speed is the top contributing factor in the state's aggressive driving fatal crashes. A new element of this year’s "Stop Aggressive Driving" campaign involves encouraging motorists to call 911 to report aggressive drivers. Twelve signs placed along roadways statewide serve as a reminder to do so. Anyone who sees an aggressive driver is encouraged to call 911 as soon as it's safe, or to have a passenger make the call, and provide the following information to dispatchers: make, model and color of the vehicle, direction of travel, and license plate information if possible. In 2006, aggressive driving behaviors were responsible for 52 percent of all fatal crashes in Delaware.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials