HOUSTON – FuelQuest, Inc., an on-demand software and services company for the downstream energy industry, has awarded its 2007 Innovator Awards. The awards were distributed at GRAIL, an annual user’s conference and training seminar for customers and partners of FuelQuest. GRAIL 2007 had approximately 100 companies represented and around 200 attendees including representatives from industry leaders in motor fuel retail, transportation, commodity trading, and refiners. This year’s Innovator Awards recognize organizations that have contributed to the advancement and continued expansion of FuelQuest’s industry standard supply chain and tax automation solutions. They include BNSF, Aventine Renewable Energy, and 7-Eleven. BNSF has helped improve several technology solutions for the transportation industry. Aventine Renewable Energy was awarded for bringing biofuels to the forefront of FuelQuest’s vision. And 7-Eleven led the way in motor fuel retailing and helping to enhance FuelQuest’s fuel management system, environmental compliance module, and service delivery.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials