NATICK, Mass. --- Cognex Corp., a supplier of machine vision sensors and systems, has appointed Pascal Dorster as senior director of in-vehicle vision sensors (IVVS). Dorster will oversee development and marketing of Cognex vision products designed for use inside vehicles to provide automated assistance to drivers. Dorster will report to Cognex President James F. Hoffmaster. Using CMOS sensors, digital signal processors and Cognex-developed vision software, these in-vehicle sensors can be used to continuously monitor the space surrounding a vehicle and provide immediate feedback to drivers when a potentially dangerous condition exists. For example, Cognex's SafeTRAC sensor analyzes the road ahead and warns the driver when his vehicle is likely to cross into another lane unintentionally. "For many years, the application of machine vision to vehicles has been just an interesting research topic. But very recently, automobile manufacturers in Europe and Japan have started to introduce vehicles with vision sensors to aid drivers and enhance safety," said Robert J. Shillman, Cognex’s chairman and CEO. "Although we expect that it will take many years for these sensors to be deployed in large numbers, the market potential is enormous." Cognex recently entered the in-vehicle market with the acquisition of AssistWare Technology, a privately held developer of Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems for heavy trucks. "In-vehicle vision addresses a key concern in automotive design --- safety," Dorster said. "And it also opens the door to new applications that enhance comfort and driving pleasure, such as intelligent cruise control, automated parking assistance, and sign recognition."

Originally posted on Fleet Financials