DUSSELDORF, GERMANY – A preview into the next generation of in-vehicle telematics applications — T3 Telematics — is scheduled for today, when the president and CEO of telematics provider, ATX Group, addresses The Fully Networked Car Exhibition and Workshop in Geneva, Switzerland, sponsored by the World Standards Cooperation. The event is being held in concert with the Geneva International Motor Show. ATX President and CEO Millstein will reveal the factors driving the recent expansion of a global telematics platform that is emerging today in North America and migrating to Europe. New applications associated with this platform involve managing vehicle and customer data and voice information to give automobile manufacturers, dealerships and owners more insight into performance of the vehicle, and its immediate environment. The T3 platform also will enable owners to have continual connectivity with their vehicles through the Internet, potentially transforming every vehicle into a voice browser. T3 telematics can extend beyond embedded vehicle applications to aftermarket devices brought into the car, such as personal navigation devices.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials