YOQNEAM, Israel --- CogniFit Ltd., which specializes in assessing and training cognitive skills, is introducing its risk assessment tool designed for auto insurers --- DriveFit Premium --- to the North American market. DriveFit Premium is a Web-based interactive program for auto insurers to assess the cognitive, psychomotor and personality skills needed for safe driving. The program tests drivers in 12 areas, including focused attention, reaction time, switching attention, speed estimation, visual scanning, obeying traffic laws, short-term memory, speed of perception, time estimation, distance estimation, risk-taking and concentration. "DriveFit Premium helps create a unique 'picture' of each policyholder's risk level beyond that of demographic data traditionally used to determine premiums," said Ed Corbally, director of risk & safety services at CEI, a provider of direct repair program outsourcing to property and casualty companies and driver risk management services. "DriveFit Premium gives insurers a new resource to reduce physical damage payouts and also provides them the option to reward high-scoring drivers with lower premiums." After each driver completes an online DriveFit Premium assessment, results are immediately available to insurers for analysis. While each insurer's risk management system differs, the insurance company compares existing statistics for drivers with similar age, gender, license type and driving experience to those of the new insurance candidate. "We use a version of DriveFit to assess what would otherwise be unknown risk factors of novice drivers, as they have no driving history," said Peter Christianson, president of Young Drivers of Canada. "The 30-minute driver assessment tool --- which could be completed from home personal computers --- adjusts to the unique needs of each driver, improving driving decisions and, in turn, performance on the road." The ability to distinguish between drivers and adjust to their unique needs is consistent throughout the DriveFit suite of products, each of which assesses and builds the cognitive, psychomotor and personality skills drivers of all kinds need. Beyond DriveFit Premium, designed for use by auto insurance companies, the company also has products focused on novice, senior and fleet drivers. DriveFit-L is designed for use in new driver training centers, departments of motor vehicles and is currently used by thousands of new drivers each year in Canada and the U.K.; Golden DriveFit is designed for those 50 years old and older to keep driving skills sharp; and FleetFit is designed for truck and other vehicle (taxi, limo, etc.) management companies to help evaluate and train each driver.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials