TORONTO, Ontario, Canada --- International automobile manufacturers in Canada secured eight of 10 EnerGuide awards for the most fuel-efficient vehicles for the 2007 model year. The awards were announced Feb. 14 by Canada's Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities Lawrence Cannon and Minister of the Environment John Baird. "It's clear to me that Canadians value fuel efficiency and I'd like to congratulate those award winners from the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada who have been able to tap into that demand from consumers," said Cannon "The awards are important to our members. However, we are pleased that Canadians see value in buying fuel-efficient vehicles, making the Honda Civic the best-selling passenger car for the last eight years and making the Toyota Yaris the best-selling sub-compact and the third-best-selling passenger car in 2006," said David Adams, president of the Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada. "As Canadian consumers continue to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles in record numbers, the members of the AIAMC are pleased to be able to meet the needs of modern consumers," added Adams. "It is a very competitive marketplace out there." In addition to the Honda Civic Hybrid (Compact) and the Toyota Yaris (Subcompact) other fuel-efficiency award winners from the AIAMC membership were: * Mazda MX-5 - Two Seater * Toyota Prius - Mid-Size * Mazda B2300 - Pickup Truck * Hyundai Sonata - Full-Size * Toyota Sienna - Minivan * Honda Fit - Station Wagon The Association of International Automobile Manufacturers of Canada represents the interests of 13 member companies engaged in the manufacture, importation, distribution and servicing of light duty vehicles in Canada. AIAMC membership includes BMW Canada Inc., Honda Canada Inc., Hyundai Auto Canada, Kia Canada Inc., Mazda Canada Inc., Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc., Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, Inc., Nissan Canada Inc., Porsche Cars Canada Ltd., Subaru Canada, Inc., Suzuki Canada Inc., Toyota Canada Inc., and Volkswagen Canada Inc. The association has a 28-year history in Canada and was incorporated in 1999.

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