PRINCETON, N.J. – ALK Technologies, Inc. has partnered with Innovative Computing Corporation (ICC), which has integrated ALK’s Multi-Version Switch (MVS) into its Innovative Enterprise Software (IES) management system for fleets. The integrated MVS tool enables PC*MILER users to work with multiple PC*MILER versions on the same server. Accessing ALK’s MVS tool via IES, Innovative customers can assign specific PC*MILER versions to individual shippers according to that shipper’s contract. IES will then use the correct PC*MILER version to calculate that shipper’s billing miles. When ALK releases an update to PC*MILER, the new version does not have to replace previous versions. ALK’s MVS enables transportation, logistics, and manufacturing companies to maintain two or more versions of PC*MILER software on a single computer or network server. This can include the most recent version as well as one or more earlier versions. The integrated version of ALK’s Multi-Version Switch supports PC*MILER 14 through the current release of PC*MILER 20. MVS is an enhanced function of PC*MILER|Connect, integration software that interfaces PC*MILER routing and mileage functionality with transportation and logistics management software systems. ALK’s MVS runs in a Windows environment and integrates with ICC’s Innovative Enterprise Software via IBM iSeries (AS/400) midrange computers. The combined software is also available via the Internet through Innovative’s IES Access and IES Access Plus systems.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials