LOS ANGELES --- A new study from automotive specialist IntelliChoice.com concludes that hybrid owners save money in the long run when you factor in financing costs, fuel, insurance, state taxes and license fees, repairs, maintenance and depreciation. The Los Angeles Times published a short summary of the study results. "Even when factoring in the additional upfront costs for their purchase, the long-term savings hybrids generate make them a sensible and attractive purchase," IntelliChoice.com Publisher James Bell told the Times. For example, the Toyota Prius' five-year actual cost is $19,897. But the five-year cost for a comparable non-hybrid model is $33,305, the study found. The five-year actual cost for the Honda Civic Hybrid (automatic) is $23,268. The five-year cost for the non-hybrid model is $31,595.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials