HOUSTON – Shell Lubricants’ LubeAnalyst oil condition monitoring offers customers a program designed specifically to meet their preventive maintenance needs by providing comprehensive analysis of their used lubricant and coolant, helping to assess the general condition of their diesel engine and other vehicle components based on wear particles and other contaminants present in the oil sample. At specific intervals, oil samples are drawn from sump or equipment reservoirs and mailed to a Shell LubeAnalyst laboratory. Tests are performed within 24 hours to evaluate the oil sample and identify what is occurring inside the engine and other components. Data analysts review the results to determine if contaminants and/or wear particles are present that could indicate abnormal wear, contamination, or other operational problems. A summary report complete with test results and recommendations is then delivered to the customer. In the case where an abnormal or potentially critical condition is detected, customers will be called to discuss the test results and corrective action recommendations.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials