ATLANTA – HUGHES Telematics, Inc., an automotive telematics solutions company headquartered in Atlanta, has announced the Chrysler Group will be the first automaker to integrate its telematics solution as a standard feature in future vehicles. HUGHES Telematics recently revealed key elements of its technology and service solutions, which range from security, infotainment, and remote diagnostics, to multicasting capabilities. Because the HUGHES Telematics' products are powered by proprietary hybrid terrestrial and satellite-based technology, OEM partners, such as Chrysler Group, can take advantage of end-to-end telematics solutions that span multiple categories of dealer and customer-oriented communication services and features. HUGHES Telematics technology offers remotely upgradeable services and applications, including multicasting information directly to narrowly defined vehicle groups and, in the future, remotely upgrading vehicle systems.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials