TREVOSE, PA – Fleet customer vehicle accident data has found SUV drivers can be at greater risk of being in an accident, according to a study by CEI, a provider of vehicle accident management and fleet risk management services. According to the study, SUVs are 12-percent more likely to be involved in an accident on snowy, icy, or wet roads than sedans. Compared to all accidents by vehicle type, SUVs have higher accident rates in bad weather than sedans, crossover vehicles, and minivans. “SUVs are among America’s most popular vehicles, and one of the reasons is the notion that they’re safer. In truth, in a collision SUV occupants are less likely to be injured than in a smaller vehicle, but it’s a misconception to think that SUVs are safer than sedans in every way and under all roadway conditions,” said Edward Corbally, director of risk and safety services for CEI. The following table compares accident rates under different conditions for all four vehicle types.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials