HARRISBURG, Pa. --- Farmers Insurance Group of Companies announced it is now offering a 5 percent insurance discount to auto customers in Pennsylvania who own a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle. "Farmers understands that with gasoline costs continuing to rise, many customers are now opting to drive environmentally friendly hybrid or alternative fuel engine vehicles,” noted Sunil Bhatla, acting product manager, Farmers Insurance Group. "We applaud our Pennsylvania customers who are concerned about the environment and are happy to offer them a discount on their auto insurance.” According to R.L. Polk & Co., a firm that collects and interprets automotive information, Pennsylvania has 6,948 registered hybrid vehicles, or about 3.5 percent of its vehicle population. The use of alternative fuel vehicles --- vehicles that use biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen, natural gas and propane --— is increasing in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. "Based on the response to the state's own hybrid rebate program, it's clear that Pennsylvanians are embracing technologies that not only reduce our dependence on imported oil, but also help to clean up our environment," Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell said. Governor Rendell doubled the amount of funding for Pennsylvania's hybrid electric vehicle rebate program, from $1.5 million to $3 million, this fiscal year. The expanded program, which opened at the end of July and runs through next year, will provide rebates to 6,000 car buyers. "Incentives like those offered by the commonwealth and Farmers Insurance will help to encourage the use of cleaner cars that get better gas mileage, and put Pennsylvania in a position to capture the market for a whole new generation of high-tech vehicles, cleaner power sources and indigenous fuels," Governor Rendell said. "I applaud Farmers for this initiative." The discount is available for all Farmers' customers who own a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle. All new business customers will receive the discount as of the new business day of their insurance policy going into force, and existing customers will receive the discount upon their next renewal date.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials